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All our sous-vide cooked products are tailor made to customer’s personal requirements. We have developed a wholesale range intended for chefs and foodservices professionals of all abilities, as well as our 5-product retail range for home consumers.

Feel the benefits of sous vide cooking, wherever you may be.


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find out more...


Our grubworkz wholesale range offers bespoke, sous vide cooked products, to foodservice industry professionals.

We work with a range of proteins and bespoke spice mixes; able to alter products precisely according to each customer’s flavour profile, product weight, pack sizes, case size etc.

Prices given on application. Please get in touch with your requirements.

Proteins We Work With








Wild Boar


Our 5-product retail range are all hand-crafted and perfect for home consumers!

The Range Includes;

Free Range Duck Leg Confit:

Seasoned with orange zest, lemon zest, star anise, star anise, roasted garlic, sea salt, cracked black pepper, fresh rosemary, and bay leaf.

Slow Cooked Pork Belly:

Seasoned with honey, fennel seeds, roasted garlic, star anise, fresh thyme, sea salt and cracked black pepper.

Slow Cooked Harissa Spiced Lamb with Apricots, Olives and Honey:

Seasoned in aromatic spices, smoked paprika, paprika, cumin, sea salt, coriander, ginger, fennel seeds, garlic powder, cinnamon, oregano, turmeric, chilli flakes and black pepper, butter.

Flat Iron Steaks Pink Cooked:

Seasoned with sea salt, cracked black pepper, thyme, roasted garlic, bay leaf and butter.

Asian Scented Chicken Supremes:

Cooked with lemon grass, whole red chilies, star anise, fresh ginger, roast garlic, coriander, sea salt, cracked black pepper and coconut oil.

Please note all 100% Natural, Gluten & Wheat Free, No E numbers, No nasty GMO’s.

Each product is boxed in 100% re-cycled cardboard with back of pack information including, re-heat oven instructions, ingredients information, best before etc.

Shelf life 30 – 60 days

Our Multi Sensory Experience

  • See

    for yourself our beautiful pink perfectly cooked 14oz Cote De Boeuf Steaks. We love its marbling and meat maturation, which makes it so special. Or, our Free-Range Pork Belly, seasoned with roasted garlic, fresh thyme, fennel seeds, ground star anise, sea salt, cracked black pepper.

  • Hear

    the skin crackle on our crispy Duck Leg Confits as you tear into it. Listen to roasted and golden the Pork Belly sizzle as it grills and caramelises. be it plain or with fennel seeds popping as it cooks.

  • Smell

    the amazing aroma released from our Lamb Rumps when carving, perfectly pink cooked and seasoned with fresh rosemary, roasted garlic, sea salt, cracked black pepper, and butter for that delicious Sunday Lunch fragrance.

  • Feel

    the melting, tender and succulence of our beef cheeks in a rich red wine jus. We have Slow cooked them for 12 hours, Let the meat melt in your mouth to experience the rich beefy flavour and perfect texture.

  • Taste

    the Mediterranean flavour of our Slow Cooked Harissa Spiced Lamb with Apricots, black and green Olives, and sweet Honey. We blend 13 Moroccan spices, infusing perfectly with the saltiness of the olives and the sweetness of the honey and apricots. Or our Gunpowder Brisket Slow cooked for 14 hours in our very own Smokey and spicy Boom sauce.

  • Umami

    each of our products have their own flavours, some strong some subtle, many have the uniqueness of spicy, meaty, sweet, sour, Salty or umami attributes, it’s all down to you, so enjoy your own grubworkz taste buds experience.