Our Inspiration

We created grubworkz in 2014. As experienced chefs, we both understood how demanding the culinary industry could be: hot, hectic and relentlessly tiring ‘mise en place’. With this is mind, we set about creating something that could provide instant support to each and every chef, no matter how hectic their kitchen environment.

We had seen the revolutionising influence of sous vide around the world and felt this was the perfect focus for our new venture. With our vision and combined professional talent, we decided to create a range of innovative sous vide cooked products. The perfect helping hand within a demanding industry.

Armed with passion and a clear plan, we set up grubworkz in our home county of Somerset. Starting with an empty space and zero customers, we designed and built our now-flourishing factory. We have never looked back.

Since these humble beginnings, grubworkz has gone from strength to strength, supplying some of the UK’s top foodservice brands with delicious sous vide cooked products. We have worked closely with companies such as Sainsbury’s, Mindful Chef, field & flower, British Airways, as well as winning many ‘Taste of the West’ Gold and Silver Awards.

Despite our growth and success, we have continued to maintain our personal relationship with customers and suppliers. We are proud that these have remained strong and that our focus on high quality, bespoke products has never faded. We take a pride in offering a delicious array of hand-crafted products, with an open and communicative approach to business.

Today, grubworkz continues to thrive. With a band of long-standing customers and a continued demand for quality, the sous vide dream is ever-growing. Products created at grubworkz offer home consumers and chefs – of all skill sets – the time and space they need to practise their culinary art.

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