At grubworkz, our dedicated team creates every single product specifically for your order. No waste from unsold stock, no dissatisfaction with standard products that don’t wholly fit customers’ needs. We take time to ensure we are creating the best quality, bespoke, products, with minimal waste.

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We Make This Simple

Give us a call to discuss your requirements

Work with us on product development

Schedule delivery and enjoy!

Give Us A Call

Simply give us a call to discuss your requirements with our friendly team. The more detail the better! In helping us understand your specific requirements, we can formulate a product plan that matches your brief.

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Product Development

We pride ourselves on having a collaborative approach to work. We will propose products and ideas in line with your specifications, and together we can tweak flavour profiles, product weights, pack sizes, case sizes and more, all to ensure you are getting the perfect product.

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Schedule Delivery

Once we have landed on a product and established commercials, production and delivery will be organised. We only deliver Monday-Friday. Options are via Langdon’s, Iceotemp, or other chilled delivery.

Note – we require a minimum lead time of 2 weeks, to ensure our team can produce and deliver your order to the highest standard.

Products will be packed and arrived chilled, ready for your creative use.

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