Meet the Team

Grubworkz is the collaborative venture of Steven Poole and Tom Poole.

Our combined expertise spans six decades and focuses on global UK food Innovation, operational implementation, and a strength in media and marketing.

Steven Poole – Founder, NPD Expert, Business Development.

Starting out as a chef, Steven’s career has taken him around the world, learning all there is to know about global gastronomy. He later developed his role within food manufacturing, gaining many years experience as a director in several large-scale businesses. Steven has also judged in the Quality Food Awards and was at the forefront of culinary development as it evolved in the UK.

Tom Poole – Founder, Operations Director, Factory Manager.

Tom started grubworkz with hands-on volume catering experience. He has great contacts with a large network of suppliers, which include best in class meat suppliers. This has been excellent in terms of our business growth. These talents have continued to grow with Tom standing strong as our Operations Director.

John De Napoli – Marketing and Brand Development.

John has thirty years’ experience in media, with Carlton TV, ITV and many more. He has brought this experience and skill to grubworkz, helping to build up and manage brand development and marketing strategy.

Mark Smith – Financial Director.

Mark also has many years of experience in the financial operations of companies such as Cable & Wireless, Virgin Mobile, Telewest, NTL and Virgin Media. He is our senior Financial advisor.

Camilo A Avila – Finance Controller, Accountant

Cami joined us in 2015. He is a key part of our business. Day to day, Cami works closely with Tom regarding the administration of all financial matters. He is the ultimate gate keeper for ensuring our cash flow is on track.

The continued success of grubworkz would not be possible without our amazing factory production team. They are the vital cogs in the grubworkz machine. Our dedicated factory team has helped to shape grubworkz into the thriving business it is today and is crucial to our growing success. They ensure that our products are of the highest quality and consistent for every order.