Wine Reccomendations

The grubworkz fun guide – to enjoying great wine.

The Glass:

Always try to have a nice bulbous glass, more important we feel for red wine. But it does make such a difference to how you feel about your wine. Don’t fill your glass too full around a third or so just about is perfect. We feel that its more fun to top up, as little and often is better.

Use your eyes:

Hold you glass up to the light, look at your wine and swirl it around the glass. The deeper the colour generally indicates the stronger it will be, is it deep red, or lighter, does it cling to the sides with legs running down the glass?

Have fun looking, you’ll soon you will be able to notice the subtle differences.

How good is your nose:

Don’t drink it straight away just yet, put your nose into the glass and have a good smell, as you swirl the glass around all the amazing aromas will be released. Close your eyes and try to imagine what the smells are is it fruit? Which fruit, herb or a particular spice, have fun guessing?

If your sharing the wine ask the other person what they think, it could remind you both of something crazy, there is no necessarily right answer it’s all good.

Now the best part – the flavour:

Now take a nice sip, leave it in your mouth for a few moments before swallowing. Did you make a connection to a particular smell, now can you detect a particular flavour?
Is it the right temperature for you, chilled enough, warm enough just right? Experience will guide you through this too as its very personal.
You are really educating yourself now, rather than just drinking without any thought.
The more you try this the better and more experienced you will become and the more you will enjoy wines of all types.

You don’t like it:

Well now we have something to discuss, did you know, that around 1 in 20-cork seals are affected and can ultimately produce wine that just tastes horrible?

What happens exactly is that the bark cork, becomes somehow infected with tiny growing fungal contaminants. This can lead to the wine developing a musty, odd odour, sometimes even vinegary and ultimately distasteful smell.

This is one of many reasons why plastic and screwcaps have become popular alternatives. Put the cork back in a return to wherever you bought it from, if ever your not sure simply don’t drink as it could make you ill.

There we are, your now tasting wine like a true expert, but its even better when partnered to one of our fabulous products – go on……


Barbareasco Morrassino Ovello avalible in M&S
Drink with with: Free Range Classic Duck Leg
A complex and intense nose of violet, cherry and spice, melds with the concentrated, structured palate, which displays dark fruits with a hint of truffle and vanilla.
The small estate of Cascina Morassino is one of the oldest Barbaresco producers, today run by Roberto Bianco and his father Maura.
Country of origin: Italy
Region: Piemonte, Barbareasco
Vintage: 2008


St Peters Golden Ale available in Morrisons
Drink me with: Spicy Pulled Pork
English Pale malts coupled with Challenger and Goldings hops provide the bitterness and aroma. The result is highly distinctive light, golden ale, similar in character to a full-bodied Czech lager. Independent Top 50 Beers 2012.
Country of origin: England


Santa Maria Del Cami Binissalem Mallorca – Avalible in M&S
Drink me with: Pork Belly Salt and Cracked Pink Peppercorn Confit

Here the indigenous Mallorcan variety Manto Negro is blended with the more international varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to give a wine with depth and structure. Winemaker Ramón Vaca has combined modern techniques with the traditions of Bodegas Macià Batle stretching back to 1856 to produce an elegant wine with flavours of forest fruits with a twist of herbs and a mere hint of spicy oak.
Country of origin: Spain
Region: Mallorca
Vintage: 2012

gavi extra special

Gavi Extra Special – Avalible from Asda
Drink me with: Chicken Ballotine Confit (Leg)
Quite simply, wine for drinking and enjoying.” A key Extra Special component is that this wine is sourced from Araldica’s premium La Battistina Estate, located on a steep south-facing hillside of chalky, mineral soil. This allows the full ripening of the Cortese grape, which adds weight and complexity to the wine.
Country of origin: Italy
Region: La Battistina


New Zealand Astrolabe Province Pinot Gris – available in Waitrose
Drink me with: Asian Scented Chicken Breast confit
“Aromatic with notes of fresh pear & vanilla”
A lovely aromatic and crisp wine with stone fruit and citrus aromas. The lovely fruit texture and flavours in the mid-palate finish dry with notes of fresh pear and vanilla pod.
Country of origin: New Zealand
Region: Astrolabe Province

Barefoot Shiraz

Barefoot Shiraz – available in Sainsburys
Drink me with: Rack of Lamb
Barefoot’s Shiraz blends have won Gold Medal 2010 Grand Harvest Awards U.S.A.-E.UShiraz Barefoot Shiraz is full of jammy, blackberry flavours and is velvety smooth.

Country of origin: U.S.A.
Region: California

TDS Il Vescovo2

Terre Di San Vito Il Vescovo
Drink me with: Duck Breast Confit cooked pink, with Cointreau & orange marmalade

The company’s leading wine is made on the family run farm in the Puglia region of Southern Italy. This robust and generous red is made from 70% Malbec and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon vines, selecting only the best grap¬es each season for unbeatable taste.

Country of origin: Italy
Region: Puglia