The Team

Grubworkz HQ Manufacturing is the collaborative venture of
Steven Poole, Tom Poole & John De Napoli.

A team who’s combined experience spans 6 decades plus being at the forefront of global UK food Innovation, culinary NPD & operational implementation, marketing & media management expertise, commercial food positioning and general food industry experience.

Steven Poole: Business Dev & NPD Expert

30 years Director level exp. Large scale food manufacturing (100 Million T/O businesses). Award winning Chef – Chairman of the Quality Food Awards.

Tom Poole: Operations & Buying Director

Hands-on volume catering experience & recipe development, In-depth contacts of suppliers & ingredients knowledge: perfect for business growth.

John De Napoli: Marketing & Brand Development

30 years in media, with Carlton TV, ITV & many more media companies. Built &managed many business from start up to sale.

Mark Smith: Financial Director

Mark has more than 20 years of experience in the financial operations of companies such as Cable & Wireless, Virgin Mobile, Telewest, NTL and Virgin Media

We also work with brilliant team of experts:

Professional people, who really help to deliver exciting client projects. People who have best in class experience not only in food creation/innovation, marketing, production but industry chefs, trend specialists, food photography (see gallery) food and prop creative stylists, home ecomonists, artwork designers, creative manufacturing minds. We have access to Westminster Kingsway College for specific culinary work through expert colleagues and friends to advertising agencies alike. We have a complete business infrastructure, Spanning Innovation – through to finance headed by Mark Smith (FD)