Sous Vide

  • Sous vide is a slow cooking method
  • It cooks evenly producing amazingly succulent and tender meat every time
  • The food retains its natural flavour producing a deep, intense taste
  • We don’t use additives just simple natural seasoning
  • It reduces the stress and removes the guess work out of your cooking time
  • “One of the wonderful qualities of sous vide cooking, is that you cook the product in the air tight bag to help keep the texture and moisture natural.”

    The sous vide method keeps our products more moist than usual cooking methods, encapsulating the meat juices that are so often lost in traditional cooking from pan searing and overcooking the outside of most meats/fish are all trapped inside and make for incredible juicy finished products, in some cases the longer you cook the better the finished dish is. For example our Classic Duck Confit is cooked for 14 hours at a precise temperature.

    By maintaining a controlled low heat, within a pressure-sealed environment the product is pasteurized during cooking, so there is no contact or cross contamination throughout the cooking process. In other words the food is completely vacuum-sealed, we sell chilled so that it is a prep free and customer ready for you to enjoy.