Midweek Stir Fried Asian Scented Chicken with Vegetables & Noodles

A quick one for all the family to enjoy
  • Try this stir-fry next, place bag unopened into warm water for 1-2 minutes to soften the chicken fat/juices.
  • Carefully remove chicken breast (keep for another time or remove spices/herbs, its up to you). Discard fat/juices left in bag.
  • Heat a pan with a little vegetable or coconut oil until hot, add some sliced banana shallots, garlic, carrot strips, pak choi, red peppers plus a few chilies if you like things spicy and sauté until happy wheels demo soft. If the pan starts to stick add a glug of water and keep moving the vegetables around.
  • Next add some pre cooked fine egg noodles continue to toss the mixture all together.
  • Slice the Asian scented chicken breast into lots of strips add to the veg/noodle mixture and add a squirt of sweet chili sauce, continue to sauté once fully mixed, empty into bowls and reach for those chop sticks.