Pulled Pork


There are many versions of this great fashionable dish, we keep ours fairly simple, delivering to the chef or consumer a wonderfully tender, slightly sweet meat individual portion, to be able to be used in a wide range of applications.

Our pulled pork is a piece of red tractor assured Pork shoulder, seasoned with a few ingredients such as cumin, smoky paprika, blue agave syrup, then very slowly confit cooked for 12 hours with butter until very tender.

We love this product it produces a lightly fragrant piece of meat, one that’s suitable to transform into something, well lets say, whatever the inspiration is for that day, such as Asian Vietnamese baguettes, Thai stir fry’s, American creole, heaped onto flatbreads, Mexican burritos all manor of flavoured street food dishes, wraps, buns, in salads, sandwiches, flans how about with rice & pea dish for that Caribbean summer BBQ party piece?

Product Details  

  • Name

    Pulled Pork

  • Order Period

    Order 1 week in advance if possible to avoid disappointment?

  • Note

    The majority of our products are cooked to order, delivering the freshest product with maximum life.

  • More Info

    We are happy to discuss bespoke orders, subject to volume specific meat availability, price on application.