Pork Belly Salt & Cracked Pink Peppercorn Confit


We wanted to produce a dish that could take the hours and hours of work normally associated with belly pork, away from the chef or home cook, giving the team an easier time, would that appeal to you chef? The trimming, the brining, making things up with all the trimmings and off cuts, taking up space cooking for 10 hours maybe more, it’s a tough and time-consuming dish for chefs and home cooks alike to tackle.

So the goal was to create a product that busy chefs and keen amateur cooks could have on the menu or prepare at home and still very much make their own, in their own creative way.

The pork in this recipe is succulent when cooked, its simple and super fast to prepare. Rest it prior to carving and it will be both moist and moreish. This product is for Chefs and home cooks for dinner parties everywhere, should you have a function or wedding for say 100 people + it’s ease, will certainly be something that will help put a smile on your face.

We marinate individual pieces of trimmed red tractor, farm assured pork belly in special seasonings, blue agave for that sweet note then with black and crushed pink peppercorns we add butter to help create that creamy pork flavour when roasted.

We demonstrate the versatility and simplicity of this dish to customers with a pork, fresh breadcrumb and sage crumble mixture, in fact we actually sell the crumble in bags now to one or two customers.

As with all our products, the creative opportunities are huge, roast classically topped with our grubworkz crumble and carve, marinade then stir fry Asian style, BBQ, griddle with skewers, coat with breadcrumbs or trendy batters, braise slowly, casserole the ideas go on and on?

If you love all things Pork, a must read, is my old business partner and great friend Phil Vickery. Phil’s new book “Pork” is amazing, in it Phil leaves no bits of the animal out, from its head, brains, ears, to curly tail and trotters alike a brilliant book, great for chefs to keep in the kitchen or home cooks to collect – respect mate!

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    Pork Belly Salt & Cracked Pink Peppercorn Confit

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    The majority of our products are cooked to order, delivering the freshest product with maximum life.

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