Lamb Shoulder Victoria Cut Lightly Oak Smoked P.O.A


Now this product is only available as special request, it’s a glorious item, a twin boned and rolled jointed product. Brined in ingredients such as Moscovado sugar, sea salt, honey, garlic, ginger, sherry & spices. Then slowly cold oak smoked for 14 hours to create a delicate and unique Smokey flavour.

We then confit cook the individual joints for 13 hours producing medium pink product. Beautiful for carving as a plated portion or cutting thicker into a tornedos sized portions and basted with a sauce of the chefs creation.

Product Details  

  • Name

    Lamb Shoulder Victoria Cut Lightly Oak Smoked P.O.A

  • Order Period

    Order 1 week in advance if possible to avoid disappointment

  • Note

    The majority of our products are cooked to order, delivering the freshest product with maximum life.

  • More Info

    We are happy to discuss bespoke orders, subject to volume specific meat availability, price on application.