Free Range Lightly “Oak Smoked” Duck Leg Confit


Now this is a real gem of a culinary find. We are proud to use what we feel, is the finest supplier of ducks. Therefore our duck meat, legs and breasts comes from our friends Peter & James Coleman of Creedy Carver Ducks in Crediton Devon, check out  The duck that Creedy Carver produce is of outstandingly high quality and can be seen on the best of the best menu’s, from chefs throughout the country and top delicatessens and speciality food stores in London.


We try to create even more great flavour, by bringing our passion to their great product. We brine the legs in a secret mixture including sherry, salt, sugar, herbs, spices & honey (that’s not all of it). Then very slowly for 14 hours, gently in a traditional kiln oak cold smoke the legs. Only then do we confit cook them, classically with rendered duck fat and herbs to produce our own unique, amazing succulent product, crisp & tender when cooked.


Idea’s for serving are many, from simply roasting until crispy, try serving with English asparagus & chips, delicious for making bon-bons, to terrines, pulled duck is a lovely dish during summer with crisp dressed salad, equally great in winter with rich meaty sauces and vegetables.

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    Free Range Lightly “Oak Smoked” Duck Leg Confit

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    Order 1 week in advance if possible to avoid disappointment

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    The majority of our products are cooked to order, delivering the freshest product with maximum life.

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    We are happy to discuss bespoke orders, subject to volume specific meat availability, price on application.