Free Range Lamb Rump with Juniper Rosemary & Thyme Rub (Cooked Pink)


As with our rack of lamb, our lamb is aged for tenderness, then confit cooked very slowly. We make a season rub mixture with juniper, coriander, various herbs, peppercorns, and spices.

At grubworkz we cook our lamb rumps until tender and beautifully precisely pink, this method creates an incredible juicy succulent piece of meat when roasted.

Its ready for the chef to simply pan sear and oven cook in minutes, let it rest, prior to serving/carving to really give yourself or your customer a treat, to enjoy again and again.

Did you know this fact? That in terms of Cholesterol lean, free-range, grass fed lamb does not cause high blood cholesterol and can be included in a low cholesterol diet or that Zinc is not widely distributed in foods but our lamb has a high zinc content? Well now you do!

Our Guarantee:

ü Aged for tenderness & quality of flavour

ü Grass Fed

ü Free-range

ü No added hormonal growth promotants

ü BRC compliant (British Retail Consortium)

Product Details  

  • Name

    Free Range Lamb Rump with Juniper Rosemary & Thyme Rub (Cooked Pink)

  • Order Period

    Order 1 week in advance if possible to avoid disappointment

  • Note

    The majority of our products are cooked to order, delivering the freshest product with maximum life.

  • More Info

    We are happy to discuss bespoke orders, subject to volume specific meat availability, price on application.