Paradigm Shift In Mixology

Paradigm Shift In Mixology

Found out about this amazing bar… incredible place… opened in April in the Spanish southern coast. This bar mixes cocktails with fantastic food flavours.

The Rooftop Bar, Puerto Portals, Mallorca

Next time you’re in Spain, check out!

As chefs, we’re always seeking the unusual, trying to perfectly marry this flavour with that flavour in order to create something sensational.
The term of drinks “Mixology” has become a regular part of bar vocabulary nowadays. Being used more and more to describe a style of mixing cocktails, and a Mixologist is another term for someone mixing drinks, bartending, or a bar chef.

“I really like the term bar chefs, because some of these guys taste and can blend flavours as well, if not better, than any kitchen chef I’ve ever known.”

Befitting one of the finest rooftop bar locations in the world, Paradigm have created an exciting, innovative and luxurious collection of the finest cocktails. Taking inspiration from the bohemian and sophisticated side of Mallorca.

They have developed their own twists on some of the world’s‘ classic cocktails. Furthermore, representing worldwide trends in mixology, they offer a selection of ‘healthy’ and ‘low-alcohol’ cocktails, and ultimately, a unique range of ‘signature’ cocktails; representing a true paradigm shift in the art of mixology.

Can you imagine the taste of these?


Japanese Gin Infused With Lemongrass, Elderflower Liquor, Chambord, Lemon, Syrup, Rose Paste & Wine Reduction.
This cocktail is inspired by the delicate Fugu or Japanese blowfish. it is so poisonous that the smallest mistake in its processing can be fatal.
Served in an exclusive handmade glass, the texture of this special marine animal is embodied with Japanese gin infused with citronella, wine reduction and elderflower liqueur. A delicious savor that, fortunately, is not a lethally poisonous mixture!


Coconut Water, Sea Salt Water, Pineapple, Coriander Seed, Maple Syrup & Soda.
Inspired by the coasts of the Caribbean islands, this drink is served in a young coconut and uses its water which is gifted with multiple nutrients. Its tropical flavour is complemented with coriander seeds, natural pineapple, maple syrup and a splash of soda.


Bentianna, Lemon Bitters, Basil, Eucalyptus Honey, Prosecco Wine & Soda.
An elixir inspired by the incredible world of honey and its flavours. Combined with Bentianna (a herbal liqueur dating back to the 15th century from Slovakia) it provides silky tones of honey through a unique combination of 13 medicinal herbs and the delicate bitterness of gentian mixed with the juice of a select variety of grapes and genuine sweet Tokaji wine.
The result is combined with the freshness of the bitters of basil and lemon, elevating the flavours of the Bentianna with eucalyptus honey. Finished with prosecco and soda.


White Rum, Pimento Dram Liqueur, Lime, Passion Fruit, Grapefruit & Syrup.
Inspired by the moon jellyfish (Aurelia Aurita), a sea creature offering a fascinating show, with its bell- shaped body gently performing its elegant pulsing movement in coastal areas around the world. The beauty of this jellyfish is only offset by its menacing tentacles, which pack a powerful sting for unwary swimmers.
The combination of Caribbean white rum, pimento dram bitters, passion fruit, lime and grapefruit guarantees a cocktail with the same elegance but … Beware! It can also sting the unwary drinker!


Vaporized Cocktail. Vodka, Pomegranate Juice, Mint, Cherry Heering, Fresh Cherries, Pineapple & Limes.
Enjoy our hand crafted ‘shisha sharer’, with the Smoke sweetened by the fruit mix and then the cocktail enhanced by the flavour of your chosen shisha. Ideal for summer evenings, perfect for sharing!


Yamazaki 12, Bentianna, Sesame Oil, Orange Bitter & Mandarin Peel.
A Japanese twist on the king of cocktails, the old fashioned. Paradigm’s Osaka old fashioned features Yamazaki 12, Bentianna liqueur, sesame oil, orange bitters and mandarin peel.


Sencha Tea, Eucalyptus Honey, Lemon, Mint, Ginger Cordial & Soda.
Enhance your well-being with light and fresh flavours. Recognised for its beneficial effects, Sencha tea is created from green tea leaves that have been exposed directly to sunlight in its cultivation and harvest. To soften the tea’s strong flavour, it is combined with Australian eucalyptus honey and mixed with warm organic ginger to intensify its flavour, leaving a pleasant oaky aftertaste. As a last step, this mixture is finished with a splash of soda.


Italicus, Lillet Blanc, Pineapple, Star Anise, Lemon, Soda & Cava.
Inspired by the spirit of Portofino, a fishing village located on the Italian Riviera coast. Italicus di Bergamotto is Italian liquor based on the brilliance of bergamot.
The drink is garnished with a selection of delicious botanicals that include chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, and combined with the French aperitif Lillet Blanc, the freshness of pineapple and the powerful and fragrant star anise. All finished with a little Champagne and a dash of sparkling water.

See what I mean? These guys are truly bar chefs!

If you’ve been inspired to have your own cocktail night, before you start feeling peckish, and know you just won’t be faffed with cooking a meal from scratch, why not make sure you have some delicious sous vide on hand!

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