Our vision was to create a range of high quality English Sous Vide products. Products, which are cooked in a special way to encapsulate all the intense flavours, retain all the juicy moisture of each dish and equally capture all the nutritional attributes of each dish ensuring nothing is lost. We pride ourselves to use natural ingredients such as Blue Agave Syrup, fresh herbs, olive oil, natural duck fat, fresh fruits, wine, seasonings etc. Along with the finest meats that Tom can buy some of which are reared very close to home in Somerset.

We have created an innovative hand crafted “Chefs Range” of fantastic high quality chilled products each given a modern unique flavour twist.

Tom ensures that we only prepare the best meats such as; Red Tractor English Pork belly & Shoulder, free Range Duck Legs, hand cut English Lamb Shoulders, Free Range Chicken Legs, Free to Fly Quail. All slowly cooked until beautifully tender and packed full of amazing flavour.

We want to do all the hard work for you, selecting, trimming, curing, smoking, marinating, then very carefully consistently, cooking our products to perfection. Producing beautiful dishes for customers to add their creative finishing touches just so you can enjoy time after time.

We know great food, we created ours, then we lovingly make them all at our small creative HQ factory in Somerset.