Grubworkz Home Delivery

Why grubworkz home delivery?

We feel that great quality food should be available and enjoyed by everyone, no matter what the occasion, where you live or even your cookery skills; great food is simply great food.
We wanted to open the doors to our culinary passions, offering our new grubworkz products to everyone. We are really excited, that by creating our new home delivery service, we are bringing that dream alive, for you all to enjoy.
Life for us all is so fast paced these days, managing family needs, work/life balance is often stressful, so at times we all need a helpful supportive solution. Delivering our high quality food, from door to door will save you time, money and energy, but more importantly, it will give you the opportunity to enjoy our fantastic, tasting products, time after time. You will be able to create dishes from simple everyday meals, to the most memorable dinner party experiences that would rival your favourite restaurant and chefs alike.

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What We Do?

We our so proud of our food products, each is individually hand crafted, made to our formulated recipes. We have a fully accredited creative factory, where care and attention is of paramount importance to us. We have great experience of many years, of bringing amazing foods to life, food sold by major high street retailers, top hotels and restaurants, airlines, brands to mention a few. But our products are not made by carefree robots on conveyor belt lines, but by our small passionate grubworkz team.
In addition our home delivery products are made from the highest quality products we can source, we love words like “Dry aged, Red Tractor, Free Range, Oak Smoked, South West Ingredients, Slow cooked, marinated, cured, Provenance, these are just a few of the must have words that we stand for.
Our specialised kitchen allows us to slow confit cook every cut of meat to perfection, removing the guesswork for you as well as saving you time. Then we deliver the Grubworkz product to your door, in time for your supper dish, dinner party occasion, celebration or family get together. “Hey don’t forget that Christmas is coming up quickly too!”.
With your delivery you will receive expert “Chefs advice’ on how to finish off your product to perfection. You simply follow our Chef’s instructions to create high quality meals from your own kitchen without the hours of preparation, shopping and worry. The Grubworkz chefs share their ideas and inspiration on our website blog, keeping you up to date with the with fantastic meal ideas.

How it works?

Visit the Grubworkz shop and chose from our delicious options, shop your favourite product or even a combination to cater to your guests needs. Then arrange your delivery date. “Check out our FAQ section on our website to learn more about how we do what we do”.
Once you have received your delivery be it our Aged Four Rib Lamb Rack, British Duck Leg Confit, Belly Pork or Free Range Duck Breasts all you need to do is choose your own vegetables, salad, sauces, whatever you want to add to complete your Grubworkz meal to perfection.
With endless options of how to accompany your meal you won’t be stuck for inspiration…
Visit the blog section of our website for fantastic ideas for meals.