Friends of Grubworkz

Friends of Grubworkz

Here at grubworkz we are proud of our association of our suppliers, friends and business supporters.

We would like to thanks them all for their continued support, energy, service & people, but most of all, for their fantastic products. Below we have listed a few of our most valued friends without all their help it would not have been possible for us to create our business and produce our fantastic grubworkz products for you all. Please do have a look at all the sites below, each is different but all are interesting having their own stores to tell so enjoy browsing:

Creedy Carver
A wonderful family business ran by Peter, James and Sue coleman together they rear barn and free range ducks and chickens. Creedy carver supply renowned chefs from all over the country with their fantastic ducks and chickens, we consider them to produce the best duck meat.

Steve Lee Photography London
Steve is close friend and has done so much to help us. Continuing in his fathers footsteps, Steve is recognised within the industry as a leading food photographer, his photo’s are internationally recognised as outstanding.

Topham Street Prop Hire London
Topham Street, photography prop hire company – Managed by the lovely Hannah, Topham Street have a dazzling array of the most incredible prop items, the span is too many to write about, but covers beautiful backgrounds of every type possible, period to modern china, cookery implements, cloths, cutlery, pewter, tinware, the list goes on and on.

Norfolk Quail
Ownened by Ellie and John Savory together they founded Norfolk Quail in 2011. Borne out of a love of fine food, Norfolk Quail was established to provide an English alternative to intensively farmed and imported French quail, their birds are the only free to fly birds in Europe, their care of rearing and quality of their birds is amazing.

MK Wholesale
Mk wholesale specialise in supplying the very best machinery,packaging and seasoning, it really is a company you will find everything under 1 roof and if they don’t stock an item you are looking for, I’m sure they will be more than happy to source it for you.

Phil Vickery
Phil and Steven have known each other for 20 years having been in business together for 6 years. Phil is an incredible chef, having won a Michelin star for his cookery whilst at the Castle Hotel Taunton, he raises woodland pigs for his passion of all things pork, during the past few years he has become a fantastic writer with some incredible titles to his name.

Cook it @frogmary Green Farm
Nick and Claire Bragg are amazing poultry farmers, they also have designed and built a fantastic cookery school ran by Cordelia, Cook it at frogmary green farm. Nick and Claire’s passion for food, animal welfare and agricultural and environmental advancements are second to none. The have recently been awarded the accolade of “Sainsbury’s Farm of the year” which is an incredible achievement.

The Fine Food Company
The Fine Food Company are an speciality fine food wholesale supplier to the catering industry based in Somerset, they regularly visit New Covent Garden & Smithfield Market London, and Rungis Market in Paris to source the best produce.

Westminster Kingsway College
We are friends with a number of Westminster lecturers, Jose Souto, head of Larder in particular is a great chum, Jose is an outstanding Chef, his experience in charcuterie, game and butchery is incredible, we talk regularly, exchanging tips, recipe ideas and all sorts. Westminster college is an outstanding centre of excellence for all aspects of hospitality and culinary arts.

Ovation Meats
We love this company and are proud to use their amazing range of natural aged meats, they are truly free range and wild to roam. Check out their website it has some beautiful imagery and just shows how rugged and natural that free range raised animals should be.

Brown and Forrest
Brown and Forrest is a family run smokery, started 31 years ago here in Somerset, they produce the finest range of delicious smoked food they also supply prestigious customers such as The Hawksmoor Group, Rick Stein, The Gilbert Scott, Raoul’s Deli & Restaurant, Brooks Club, Fortnum and Mason & Stein Seafood Restaurants.

Our thanks to you all,
The Grubworkz team