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In case you have some questions about our products, you can directly contact us via our contact form. However you might want to take a look at our FAQ list below. Rather than waiting for our responses, it might be better and more fun if you can find a direct answer in our FAQ list.

  • Sous-vide is a unique and gentle method of precision low-temperature cooking. Pioneered by a French scientist in 1971, sous-vide creates food that’s substantially more tender, juicy and nutrient-rich, than can be obtained by conventional cooking methods. If you think about it, traditional methods i.e cooking in ovens dry out meat in particular, we have all been guilty at some stage of over cooking food in some way, such is the human capability to cook for a few seconds, or minutes longer than we should, even different chefs will never of course, cook something exactly the same. This reason is why sous vide cooking is technically fantastic a true gastronomic advancement. In the sous-vide process, food is vacuum-sealed in pouches, cooked and pasteurised to specific times and exact temperatures, and then flash frozen or refrigerated to be delivered fresh to one of our preferred customers. At grubworkz we believe that when our products are reheated, dressed and plated, the results are simply outstanding.

  • The vast majority of foods can be cooked sous-vide:
    Meat is ideal for sous-vide, since the entire muscle can be cooked at the same temperature, not just the centre.
    Tougher cuts of meat, such as the shank, beef cheeks or pork belly greatly benefit from the sous-vide cooking proceedure, just as delicate cuts do, such as our pink confit cooked, Creedy Carver Duck Breasts, marinated in cointreau liquer & marmalade or our Lamb Rump again beautifully pink cooked, seasoned with juniper, sea salt, fresh rosemary, thyme, butter& coriander.
    According to Thomas Keller in his book Under Pressure, sous-vide not only allows tough cuts of meat to be brought to different consistencies, it doesn’t dry out meat the way traditional cooking methods can and often does.
    Chef Keller also touts the benefits of cooking fish through sous-vide: Salmon develops a wonderful texture, and seafood such as lobster and squid, which can become tough using high heat, stays delightfully tender.
    Dont be suprised to learn that sous-vide also works wonders with vegetables and grains: Vegetables reach an ideal texture while retaining vibrant colours and vital nutrients, and grains such as rice and quinoa come out soft and fluffy with no risk of overcooking.

  • Its not necessarily better, sometimes its horses for courses, but that said, sous-vide foods are thoroughly slow-cooked at a precise lower temperature. Unlike traditional methods such as roasting, grilling or sautéing – which cooks food more on the outside than on the inside – low/controlled -temperature cooking for precise time, prepares food perfectly inside and out.

    Sous vide also removes the frustrating guesswork from cooking in terms of time and temperature, which is a godsend to professional chefs who work at high volume, or home cooks who want to present restaurant-quality food in a short amount of time for their famiily to enjoy.

    It eliminates the need for additives or preservatives, producing foods that are more natural and minimally processed such as our grubworkz products.
    Creates as a key feature deep, intense flavour and less product/meat shrinkage.
    Tenderises and preserves food’s nutritional content; items like meat, poultry and fish can be easily cut with a fork.
    Enhances natural flavours so fewer herbs and spices are required.
    Our customers tell us that it greatly frees up chefs preparation time, allowing them to spend more time on other aspects of their work, but still requires their imagination and creative presentation skills so everyone wins.

  • Reheating our products is so easy that you don’t really need a kitchen, just a water bath, a convection or “combi” oven or a microwave. our grubworkz foods can be prepared and creativily plated in minutes. Be it seared in a pan and spoon drizzled with a lovely jus or grilled or perhaps as our Smoked Duck Leg Confit simply oven cooked until crispy, rest and serve its that simple. At grubworkz we love to produce high quality dishes, all different is some way such as smoked, marinated, brined, stuffed each with amazing flavour etc. All our products are vacuum-sealed before being fully cooked, eliminating all forms of harmful bacteria. Our quality assurance department and HACCP proceedures ensures a high level of safety for all of our products. So simply cut open, take each product out and cook accordingly.

  • Absolutely. Here’s why:

    Professional chefs and cooks at home spend so much time buying specific items, prepping complex ingredients, in order to produce a range of dishes to excite their customers. Often their busy lives leave little time for new creations, chefs are always up against time. Both Thomas and Me know this only too well having spent years in kitchens, just trying our hardest to keep up against the clock, service time is always approaching.

    At grubworkz we wanted to create a reduced labour solution for chefs and home cooks alike, a creative food and exciting product solution. Whilst high quality is of paramount importance us, we wanted to design an efficient solution too, one that would in no way de-skill the end user, one that would actually enhance their capability to produce a huge variety of high quality dishes, with speed, consistancy of eating quality, amazing flavour all using our grubworkz products.

    Our products allow for quick reheating times, so guests receive faster service, and quicker table turnaround times can ultimately increase a restaurant’s revenue
    Because our grubworkz products come to you already prepared and fully cooked, there’s no waste—just 100 percent usable food

  • After the sous-vide cooking process, each of our  products have different life as variefied by an AKAS accredited laboratory. These range between 10 – 45 days TBC. Frozen they should enjoy a 12 month + shelf life at minus 18 degrees. If frozen, once thawed, all products must be kept refrigerated and should be served within 72 hours.

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