Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have some questions about our products, you can directly contact us via our contact form. However you might want to take a look at our FAQ list below. Rather than waiting for our responses, it might be better and more fun if you can find a direct answer in our FAQ list.

    • The vast majority of foods can be cooked sous-vide:
    • Meat is ideal for sous-vide, since the entire muscle can be cooked at the same temperature, not just the centre on the meat.
    • Many cuts of meat can be used even tougher cuts of meat, such as the shank and shoulder, greatly benefit from sous-vide slow cooking. According to “Thomas Keller” in his book “Under Pressure”, sous-vide not only allows tough cuts of meat to be brought to different consistencies, it doesn’t dry out meat the same way that traditional cooking can.
  • Sous-vide also works wonders really well with vegetables and grains: Vegetables reach an ideal texture while retaining vibrant colours and vital nutrients. Plus grains such as rice and quinoa come out soft and fluffy with no risk of overcooking.


    • Sous-vide is not necessarily better than other cookery methods but it does bring major textural benefits to finished cooked foods. Foods such as meat, which are thoroughly slow-cooked at a precise, lower temperature. Unlike traditional methods such as roasting or sautéing, which cooks food more on the outside than on the inside. Sous Vide low-temperature cooking prepares food perfectly inside and out.
    • Sous-vide also removes the frustrating guesswork from cooking, which is a godsend to professional chefs who work at high volume, or home cooks who want to present restaurant-quality food in a short amount of time.
    • A big benefit is that it eliminates the need for additives or preservatives, producing foods that are more natural and minimally processed.
    • It really helps enhance deep, intense flavour, with or without additional herbs and spices. Plus you achieve less meat product shrinkage. It also tenderizes and preserves food’s nutritional content; items like meat, poultry and fish can be easily cut with a fork.

    Its’ so easy, follow our simple steps: Example; Oak Smoked Duck Leg Confit.

    • Simply place the duck leg confit product (unopened) into some warm water for two/three minutes to soften the surrounding fat and meat juices.
    • Pre-heat a not stick tray into oven or a greaseproof paper lined tray and set at desired temperature.
    • Remove the duck legs from the bag discarding any juices or duck fat left in the bag.
    • Place the duck legs onto the hot oven tray evenly & place into the oven to crisp up. Once golden and crisp removed from the oven let rest for 2/3 minutes prior to plating and serve – that’s it!
    • You get more time to enjoy your family and friends, making that yummy favourite chocolate dessert or selecting that great bottle of wine?
  • Absolutely. Here’s how:

    • Preparing our products does not require extensive equipment or other costly unique kitchen equipment. Our products allow for quick reheating times, so family or friends get fed sooner. Even business customers receive faster service, and quicker table turnaround times which can ultimately increase revenue.
    •  We do all the hard work reducing your hard preparation time. We have done all the selecting, trimming, curing, smoking, marinating, then when were happy, we very carefully and consistently cooking our products to perfection – Producing beautiful dishes for customers at home to add their creative finishing touches and for you to enjoy.
    •  In fact some of our products can be used cold for salads and sandwiches, so no reheating is needed such as our delicious “Asian Scented Chicken Breast” cooked with ginger, lemon grass, whole chilli, garlic, coriander. Perfect in Thai soups for lunch, salad boxes for lunchtime at the office, quick stir fried noodle & vegetable supper dishes etc.
    •  Because our products come to you already prepared and fully cooked, there’s no waste—just 100% usable food thats quick and simple to reheat, giving you amazing results. .
  • After the sous-vide cooking process, our food is chilled and all our products are sold chilled. They all have “best before” dates so keeping chilled in your refrigeration is perfect in readiness for you to use. However our grubworkz products are suitable for freezing. Once thawed, all products must be kept refrigerated and should be served within 72 hours.