Darts Farm & Darts Dine In

This is a gem so read on please…

Those that know me know that during the past 3+ decades, I have spent time travelling all over the world in the lust for seeking out the finest foods, ingredients, sights and sounds and smells – with a few food hells along the way – to bring great food to thousands of people.

So as a chef with schoolboys standard or okay butchery skills, it’s a privilege to know and work with the Master Butchers who are Alastair & Philip David.

Darts Farm is a food heaven destination attraction for all food, ingredients, and wine hunters. The food hall is brimming with mouth watering items to tempt you – be it their own Raw Honey, Wicked Wolf Gin from Exmoor, or their own farmed vegetables, which you can walk within.

But the butchery – wow. It’s without doubt, simply the finest butchery display and associated meat skills I have ever seen displayed.
Forget the odd meat dry ageing cabinets you see here and there, all vying for those “OMG look at that lovely meat” comments from would be meat connoisseurs and gourmet customers alike. This is special, because in my opinion it’s The Best.

Look no further – this place – Darts Farm @Topsham, Devon, EX3 0QH, in the magnificent South West of the country, is simply worth driving to from the North, East, South – you name it.
I would urge you all to come and see the best of the best. Forget London, or wherever is you favourite meat butchers, because this will outdo it.

The quality of items to buy are truly mouth watering, combining amazing larder skills, and culinary knowledge with artistry of amazing high quality. The New Winter & Christmas 2108/2019 Catalogue is beautiful.
Check out The Ultimate Showstopper Prime Rib Roast at £19.50 per kilo, porterhouse Steaks at £32.50 per kilo, a double thick T-Bone – wonderful for two, Classic Lamb Noisettes stuffed with Black pudding, Pheasant & Duck Bombs, Four Bird Roast – a pheasant wrapped with a chicken, wrapped with a wild duck then wrapped with one of their wonderful traditional free-range white turkeys for £85, free range chickens, and the best duck (most chefs know this as fact) from Merrifield Farm aka Creedy Carver in Devon. Its endless gastronomic heaven. Even Michelin starred chef, Michael Caines, gives you the recipe and tips for the ultimate Turkey Gravy.

Darts Dine In Range

We are proud to announce that shortly a range of new Ready to Eat products are launching in early December.
All are lovingly hand made by us at Grubworkz to create a New ‘Darts Dine In’ range of wonderful sous vide products, ranging from Slow Cooked Beef Brisket, Duck Leg Confits, or Pork Belly with fennel seeds, star anise, roasted garlic, thyme, honey – to name but a few – so watch this space.

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