Crazy Sweet Finds!

crazy sweet finds!

My last post was about delicious artisanal croissants with a twist (anyone try one?), and here I am again with more sweet treats that boggle the eyes and blow the mind (sensing a theme here…)!

There’s this bakery in New York City (why are all these places not in the UK!) called New Territories, and it does a variety of artfully built combos of Hong Kong’s infamous street snack (the bubble waffle), with local artisan ice cream, and a modern take on popular dessert favourites: affogato and milkshake.

And when they say “milkshake”, it’s unlike anything most of us have seen here. I mean seriously, check this out:


I imagine your kids would be running around without any sleep for a whole week after one of these!

And then there’s this one:

And this:

Want to tease your tastebuds even more?

Have a look at the menu:

Check out their website here

Anyone who ever opens something like this in the UK, let me know. Have car, will travel!

If sweets are not your thing and you fancy something savoury instead, why not get yourself some sous vide?

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