Christmas Menu

Grubworkz Christmas Menu

Here at Grubworkz we know Christmas is all about great food, family and friends.
We also know how hard it can be to get everything perfect , so why not let us do all
the hard work for you. We source the best meat, season and slowly cook our food
for succulent texture and intense flavours. Save yourself time, energy and money
this Christmas with Grubworkz Home Delivery…

Order before the 15th of December to ensure delivery for Christmas

Festive Duck Leg Confit with Mulled Spices and Honey
Duck and Plum Whole Salami
Christmas Celebration Easy Carve Turkey Breast
Duck and Cointreau Whole Salami


Whole duck and Plum Salami
Our duck and plum salami is slowly air dried to give it a full rich flavour, using free
range British duck with a hint of plum sauce then aged for a minimum of 6 months
by our artisan producer

Duck and Cointreau Salami
Duck and orange is a Christmas classic, so why not try our hand made air dried
Free Range British Salami, its meaty, with a rich delicious duck and Cointreau
liqueur flavour. Aged for a minimum of 6 months by our artisan producer,

Sold whole, ready for you to slice for a Christmas sharing platter or to experience
as part of a fun meze style hors d’ oeuvre with friends.

£35 (Average piece weight 850g)  Buy Now


Festive Duck Leg Confit with Mulled Spices and Honey
(Single portion)
Enjoy something different with your friends and family – Our festive duck leg confit
with mulled spices and honey is delicately spiced with; cinnamon, sea salt, cloves,
orange and lemon zest, all spice, honey, juniper, cardamom, cloves, star anise,
ginger, coarse black pepper and even a little vanilla for a twist.
£26 for 6 Duck Legs  Buy Now

Christmas Celebration Easy Carve Turkey Breast
(We think it serves eight hungry people)
A real star turn center piece – Our succulent easy carve Turkey Breast is flavoured
with some amazing ingredients including; Devon red cider, oranges, Earl Grey tea,
blue agave syrup, parsley, kaffir lime leaves, star anise, caraway seeds, fragrant
lemon grass, thyme, rosemary, cardamom. Then smothered in a herb and spiced
butter baste and confit cooked. Simply place into a hot oven to roast until golden,
smile and carve.
£ 38 for Turkey Breast (Average weight 2.250 Kg)  Buy Now

(This ones up to you!)
After saving all that time on your starter and main course, you will be left with
plenty of time to make that favourite scrumptious dessert that your family and
friends love.